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**This is pricing per session. Additional cost for length and thickness will be discussed during consultation. 


A majority of our work is considered colour correcting. Hair is basically a canvas that requires stripping to a clean slate before we can apply dye. Our techniques are very different because we focus on ways to break rules and make colours last.  We are transparent with the whole process and our clients can easily understand how their hair behaves. Everyone has different hair history, melanin pigments and cuticle strength so not everything is possible. Some colours may take a few sessions and some we might just not be able to achieve on your hair but at least we're not going to sugar coat it. Appointments for root touch ups our previous work will be charged accordingly. 


We rarely tone. The concept of a semi permanent colour that lasts a few washes isn't something we like to do. When we dye an all over permanent colour it requires several different formulations just to make sure it fades properly for the next few months. It's basically a corrective colour without the stripping process. 


If you're doing a haircut as an add on for your colour then we'll dock $10 off because that's basically one shampoo and blow dry we're not doing. Our cuts are meant to compliment the way we colour so sometimes it's strongly suggested. No scissor happy stylists here.


This is for clients that want their hair done for events. Braids and styles that require more time will be priced by the stylists themselves.


There are numerous reasons why clients want more hair. A lot of our creative work requires the use of extensions because not all hair can lift to level 9-10. It is also a healthier alternative for clients who want to create more lightness in the ends without damage to their own hair. The lengths available are 14", 18" and 22".  For more information, schedule a free consultation with our specialist. 


We carry several types of treatments, feel free to inquire about them during your service. BrazilianBondBuilder. Olaplex. Kerastase. Goldwell.